we all love to sing along to the sound of the bird that mourns

even as the axe falls
                  i will not shatter
    even if the weight of the world

                         cascades across my shoulders


Fuji blue, Katsushika Hokusai


Fuji blue, Katsushika Hokusai

do i look depressing enough?

Artist:Unknown Ed Sheeran
Title: UnknownStay With Me (Sam Smith Cover)
39,817 plays


One of the most beautiful covers created. [x]

The Mockingjay

The Mockingjay


DC MEME -  [7/?] favorite female characters (in no particular order)

Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle

"Listen, unless you want a girl in a wheelchair to smack you around a bit, you’re gonna have to let the "It’s all my fault" thing go." - Birds of Prey v1 #89


i eat so much junk food and immediately regret it after i finish it


cards against humanity / sherlock edition [insp]

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